About Schilling Gold Exchange

Schilling Gold Exchange specializes in producing and operating local event gold shows where consumers can get their unused and unwanted gold jewelry evaluated and purchased for immediate cash. 


Schilling Gold Exchange was founded by Mr. Schilling, an expert at evaluating jewelry using the latest technology to determine metal content, quality, and weight. Mr. Schilling is a member of the World Gold Council, a  global authority on the the gold market and unique organization providing industry leadership.


Before starting Schilling Gold Exchange, Mr. Schilling was a private financial advisor with a license by the National Association of Securities Dealers to provide high-end financial services to sophisticated investors and consumers. Mr. Schilling also has over 28 years investing experience in both real estate and the markets. 


When you visit a Schilling Gold Exchange produced gold show event, you will be able to meet with Mr. Schilling, directly in a relaxed no pressure environment to get your items evaluated.  


There is never any pressure for you to sell your gold item. Mr Schilling states:  “I have a lot of folks who just want to know more about their item, which is fine. Often times there is sentimental value attached, in which case I always recommend to my clients they hold on to it because I know that if I treat my clients right, they will refer their family and friends. I want everyone to walk away feeling good about attending our events.”

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Belvadier, CA
Beverly Hills, CA
Carlsbad, CA
Costa Mesa, CA
Fullerton, CA
La Mesa, CA
Newport Beach, CA

Palo Alto, CA
Rancho Bernardo, CA
San Francisco, CA
San Jose, CA
San Raphael, CA
Sausalito, CA
Seal Beach, CA

Sherman Oaks, CA
Bothell, WA
Edmonds, WA
Kent, WA
Renton, WA
Seattle, WA
Portland, OR

Admission Is FREE

All events are free and there is never any fee to bring your items for evaluation.
Plus, there are no long lines. Wait times if any, are only about 5-10 minutes. There is plenty of free parking. 

See You At The Event!

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